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Find out who Facebook thinks you are. Get your digital selfie here

It’s common knowledge that – like it or not – a lot of big data is stored when we surf the net. Did you ever want to find out exactly which footprints you are leaving behind? Have a look in your digital mirror with ‘Data Selfie’ and find out which personality type the big collectors think you are.

This Is How It Works

  1. Collects data about what you click on (through likes and links), what you type, and what you look at, and for how long.
  2. Compiles a personality profile using personality insights. This is done in tiles. Each tile relates to specific information about you: your political orientation, religious affiliation, and your relationship to things in the world.
  3. The Data Selfie shows you two lists, one of “keywords,” which are defined as general topics in the content you looked at, and “entities,” defined as people, organizations, and things in the content you looked at. Both are rated in terms of their relevance to you and your positive or negative sentiment toward them.
  4. Data Selfie shows you the relevance of general “concepts,” ideas that dominated the content you looked at, and a personality prediction in the form of a chart showing your percentile of the ‘Big 5 personality traits’
  5. Presents the information for you to pursue.

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