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We are a leading SEO & Online Marketing company based in Ongata Rongai near Nairobi, Kenya.

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Our web solutions help you increase online leads and sales revenue.

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We provide comprehensive online marketing and branding services, including brand consultancy, design, website development, SEO, content creation, social media management and training. Our goal is to boost your brand’s visibility and drive increased sales revenue from your internet marketing assets.

Tell me, what's the big deal about online marketing?

Unity Business Plaza, Maasai Lodge Road
Ongata Rongai
P.O. Box 15460 – 00509 Karen/ Nairobi
+254 (0)724 505 643

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1. Auditing &


Here we take a look under the hub of your website and digital marketing assets

Get a detailed insight to the bottlenecks of your online performance and find out how to solve them, in a sustainable, organic way. This is the starting point for any SEO & Online marketing work we do.

Auditing services

2. Performance optimization

Tweaking, repairing & getting your digital marketing assets to perform on the fast lane

We offer a wide range of on and off site optimization services to fine-tune your website, social media platforms and email campaigns for increased visibility and visitor engagement.

Optimization Services

3. Creative


PAGE ONE is a studio for fresh design, architecture, code & rich content

Our  creative solutions – responsive website design, YouTube video or rich content production – are search engine optimized and designed for online convergence.

Creative Services

4. Online Marketing


Let’s get digital marketing integrated to your company’s workflow

It’s a fact: digital marketing is cost-effective compared to traditional offline advertising. Get your sales team on board and streamline critical in-house processes to maximize your benefits.

Training details

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NEW: SEO Rookie workshop

This intensive 3 x 0.5 day training will help your sales force maintain your digital marketing assets and integrate critical aspects of SEO & Digital Marketing to their work routine.

3 x o.5 days/ on site/ for 1-5 pax

Schedule & Details

Start generating online leads & sales now!

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The big deal with Digital Marketing

18 Million

Kenyans search online
before they make a purchase

18 Million Kenyans search the web before making a purchase


..never bother to click past the first results page of the search engine they use

89% of internet users never bother to click past the first results page of the search engine they use


of local searchers follow up offline via a call, a visit or a direct purchase

82% of local searchers follow up offline via a call, a visit or a direct purchase

If you’re not on page one,
the gap goes to your competition, who is!

Get your business on page one

Our philosophy & approach

We foster white hat practices that achieve sustainable long-term results in generating leads

At PAGE ONE, we chime into the Google success model..

thereby driving our clients’ web assets to the top ranks of the global search authority – in a sustainable way

Our success formula

The success model of any search engine is based on delivering relevant, unique quality content while eliminating generic content and spam. Who would continue to use a search engine that delivers questionable results? Our success model is based on responding to the search engine’s call by generating good quality content, that is unique, rich, well-structured, and embedded in an authoritative network. There are no artificial shortcuts to this organic symbiosis, which is why every work we do starts with an analysis of your business and brand positioning. 

101 of efficient SEO & Digital Marketing

Our step by step work processes starting with a detailed audit of your brand are based on sustainable white hat practices that focus on a unique understanding of YOU, your products & services.

It’s not rocket science – but a quality-driven state of mind!

Get inspired!

Our Latest Work

We are proud to feature projects across the most diverse media and industries in Africa and abroad

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Branding / Creative / Design / Development

Friends of Nairobi National Park (FoNNAp)

Branding / Creative / Design / Development

Porini Safari Camp

Branding / Creative / Design / Development

Associated Vehicle Assemblers (AVA)

Branding / Creative / Design / Development

Kicheche Camps Ltd.

Branding / Copywriting / Creative / Design / Development / SEO & Digital Marketing / Video

Rural Outreach Africa

Branding / Creative / Design / Development
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