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Tweaking, repairing & getting your internet marketing assets to perform on the fast lane

1. Audits & Consulting

Our SEO & Online Marketing audits and consulting services are segmented to cater for both beginning and more established online marketing clients.

The foundation

Your Business & Brand Audit

Any work we do – optimizing your performance or starting a campaign from scratch –  starts with a thorough analysis of your brand and it’s positioning, i.e. what you do, for whom you do it and how you do it best. The report generated from this phase is the foundation..

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for any further SEO & Online marketing work we do. What’s more is that it also compiles your brand assets in one place and therefore represents an important tool to consolidate and strengthen your brand consistency.

In this initial phase we take a good look at your organisational structure and assets, your products and services and most of all your professional promise and the added values that unmistakably identify you in your competitive environment. These core brand values are our reference as we proceed to analyse your online presentation and sales strategies or start crafting your online communication assets: web site, social media sites, YouTube video presentation etc.

The business and brand audit is the foundation for any further consultancy or optimization service we may undertake. It is your starting point to increased online leads and sales revenue.

Implementation time frame (work days): 5

Costs (excl. VAT):

KES 55,500/= 

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The diagnosis

Online marketing performance audit

Our performance audit is for those who already have online marketing assets but are having trouble achieving top rankings or  want to increase sales and leads from their sales platforms (social media, web site etc.). This phase provides you with a detailed insight..

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to the factors preventing your SE ranking or convergence performance from improving.

Our audit looks at all the on- and off-site factors that may be affecting your search engine ranking  or your web site’s ability to convert.

Our development team, for example, will be looking at the technical and code related structure of your web site.

Our SEO team will check out your prime, high density keywords and their positioning, they will find your competitors, analyse the quality of your backlinks and much more.

Our UI/ UX experts will take a look at your assets from a usability and sales angle to determine aspects that might be hindering user engagement.

Implementation time frame (work days): 20


  • Audience analysis report (Google analytics)
  • Backlink report
  • Keyword report (including top rankings and traffic)
  • Competitor report
  • Technical report (broken links, load time, spam/malware, code to text ratio, .js & css structure, compression etc.)
  • On-site issue report (crawling, images, tags, canonicalization, duplicate content, robots.txt, sitemap.xml etc.)
  • Conversion report (theme, information architecture, content, navigation, landing pages, calls to action, etc)

Costs (excl. VAT):

KES 55,500/=  (web site < 5 landing pages)

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The actionable report

Digital Marketing Strategy

Our strategy report is based on your brand assets, online goals and the findings extracted in our performance audit (for clients with online presentations). It contains actionable strategy recommendations and is a critical tool to further plan and..

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budget your online marketing efforts.

Our strategy report gives you clear directives on how to improve both your search engine (SE) ranking and on-site conversion. It contains concrete link acquisition, keyword optimization, content marketing and social media strategies as well as recommendations on how to improve your web site’s information architecture to achieve your online convergence goals.

This actionable document is ideal for further commissioning or as an SEO & Online Marketing implementation guideline for your in-house resources.

Implementation time frame (work days): upon quotation, as this depends on your performance results and marketing objectives


  • Keyword strategy (50 keywords)
  • Backlink strategy (8 quality backlinks)
  • Content marketing strategy
  • Social Media strategy

Costs (excl. VAT):

Upon quotation request

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