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A holistic, organic approach to SEO & digital marketing

Our Work Process

At PAGE ONE, we chime in to gist of the Google success model. What does that mean?

No doubt. A World without Google search has become inconceivable and no wonder that ranking high on Google’s SERPs is the big buzz.

While maintaining an undisputed monopoly on search and widely dominating the dynamics of the web, Google, in order to succeed, has to deliver relevance.

In other words, the monopoly Google defends is based on an underlying technology that is geared towards gaining 1) a precise understanding of what you want and 2) delivering similarly precise answers to your fingertips – in the form of unique, rich, authoritative and entertaining content. The elimination of spam and irrelevant generic content from its SERPs is the logical reverse of these dynamics.

At PAGE ONE our work process is geared at giving Google and its users (YOU!!) what they are looking for: good quality content, that is rich, well-structured and embedded in an authoritative network.

Our SEO & Digital Marketing processes are based on sustainable white hat practices that are based on:

  1. A thorough understanding of what makes you, your products and services unique.
  2. The development of interesting non-generic content that speaks to your target audience and reflects the keywords they use to find you.
  3. An outreach for authoritative networks of back links, and
  4. Making sure that your internal link structure and architecture can easily be navigated, your pages load fast and your code assets are used appropriately.

To ensure these four factors are well integrated into your marketing strategy and to secure your ranking success we have developed a work process that revolves around understanding your business as a unique player in your market space (yes, you are!) and establishing potential authoritative networks suiting your objectives – a strategy that has a proven track record of bringing our clients to page one.

We follow the steps below from the project beginning to the launch and monitoring of your internet marketing campaign:

Business & Brand Audit

This phase is the foundation of any work we do. Here we establish an in-depth understanding of who you are, what you do and where you're heading.

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Performance Audit

Here we take a good look under the hub of your online assets and identify improvement opportunities.

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Digital Marketing Strategy

Our strategy report gives you clear directives on how to improve both your search engine (SE) ranking and on-site conversion.

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Implementation (Creative & Optimization)

Here we implement the directives contained in your marketing strategy.

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Monitoring & Reporting

Analyzing your results on a regular basis will help fine tune your internet marketing approach to get the most out of your marketing investment.

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