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Heavy Industry Logistics East Africa

Heavy Industry Logistics Ltd

Client Testimonial: ‘’I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation for the work you have so far undertaken to promote Heavy Industry Logistics Ltd. [..] Our web site looks and feels highly professional and we are getting great feedback from our visitors. What matters most is that we are today truly able to capitalize on the investments we made by hiring you.’’ Matthew Thonger, Managing Director Project Description: HiLOG startup approached us in 2015 to redesign their website and improve search engine ranking. Their website was not appearing on SERPs even when typing in their company name. After a thorough usability check and...

Prefab Buildings Solutions

Prefab Building Solutions Ltd

Project Scope: Complete website redesign, Keyword optimization, Email Campaigns, Contact Mining - SEO, Online Marketing, web site & hosting maintenance Project Description Prefab Building Solutions is a British and Irish owned full service modular buildings solutions company headquartered in Shanghai, China. PBS approached us for a redesign of their website and email campaigns to improve their ranking and increase conversion. A ranking was virtually non-existent, the few mailings they did via their local mail client had no response. Today, after a complete redesign of the websites look and feel, architecture and usability and thorough keyword optimization Prefab Building Solutions ranks on Google’s page one for...