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UN-Habitat – GNSH

Client Testimonial:
‘’They provided the necessary guidance and creative input so that the finished product is something we are proud of and have ease of operating finally, I would also note that their service has been provided at a reasonable cost that has been presented in a consistently transparent way and has made management of the contract very straight forward.’’
Robert Lewis-Lettington, Leader – Urban Legislation Unit

The website for the GLOBAL NETWORK ON SUSTAINABLE HOUSING is an international portal for sustainable housing. It brings together and allows governments, international organizations and commercial partners to exchange resources on the green housing topic.

The website features:

  • extensive resource library (searchable by language, region, themes, author, publication type or any keywords)
  • complex user management allowing registered members to update their dedicated section frontend
  • community platform allowing members to connect amongst themselves with internal messaging
  • forum moderated by a variety of users groups
  • and much more such as a site wide content management system allowing the organization to update content internally without programming skills

September 28, 2017


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