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Heavy Industry Logistics Ltd

Client Testimonial:
‘’I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation for the work you have so far undertaken to promote Heavy Industry Logistics Ltd. [..] Our web site looks and feels highly professional and we are getting great feedback from our visitors. What matters most is that we are today truly able to capitalize on the investments we made by hiring you.’’
Matthew Thonger, Managing Director

Project Description:
HiLOG startup approached us in 2015 to redesign their website and improve search engine ranking. Their website was not appearing on SERPs even when typing in their company name. After a thorough usability check and re-design of their website, inbound & outbound SEO as well as social media and content marketing HiLOG within less than a year features among the top results on Google’s page one for relevant keywords related to their industry.

HiLOG meanwhile has become one of our long-term maintenance clients, entrusting us with all aspects of their online marketing. A recent milestone of the HiLOG success story:  Beginning 2017 HiLOG opened new headquarters in Turkey to capitalize on the flourishing bi-lateral economic relations between Turkey and East Africa.

Project Scope:
Web site redesign, Corporate Branding Manual, Inbound & Outbound SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Maintenance.

Keywords Targeted:
Heavy Industry Logistics Kenya/ East Africa/ Africa

Google Ranking:
Page 1 – #1/#1/#1

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March 28, 2016


Branding, Creative, Design, Development, SEO & Digital Marketing