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Project Description:
Mein Steuerpartner is Austria’s first authoritative b2b portal for tax advisory, auditing and book keeping. It is designed as a prime advertising space for the tax auditing market.

Austrian businesses, through Mein Steuerpartner, stay informed on tax regulation developments and use the portal to find the right partner for their auditing and book-keeping needs. The site also features a video channel – Steuergespraeche im Dogenhof – lime-lighting new topics through interviews with industry stake holders.

With Mein Steuerpartner third party providers to the auditing and bookkeeping market sector, such as banks or accounting software distributors receive a targeted advertising opportunity next to none as they setup their banners in the client user areas.

The portal features unique dynamics in bringing and retaining both the public and clients and within less than a year’s operation the startup has received numerous partnering proposals from the largest online marketing players in the region.



August 5, 2017


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