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Get your staff on board with SEO training and save outsourcing expenditure

4. SEO Training

SEO Training is an important asset to optimize your benefits from online marketing and SEO


In-house | On demand | Customized

With our SEO training program you can get your own staff on board with online marketing and put a cap on your digital marketing expenditure!

Our 3 x o.5 day SEO course for Rookies is designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of digital marketing and at the same time minimize their outsourcing expenditure.

3 x 0.5 days

2 – 5 pax

Includes 4 weeks post-training support (!)

KES 48,000/- (excl.VAT)

Save time and money with building in-house SEO & Digital Marketing routines

SEO & online marketing is not a one-off task. Much like offline marketing and advertising both require continuous review and updating.  This SEO TRAINING WORKSHOP will help your staff streamline important SEO activities and secure key standards at the point of information gathering and storage. These routines will amply minimize your outsourcing expenditure.

Get a customized SEO workflow for your company

With your business and brand audit report, we will develop and introduce an in-house workflow to increase your staff’s efficiency in collecting and editing quality content for SEO & Online Marketing. These processes will ensure that regular updates not only get published but also have an impact. If you haven’t undertaken a business & brand audit for your company yet, we will be happy to undertake this important step with you. Read more on the importance of business and brand audits and our approach here.

A hands-on approach to optimizing your online marketing expenditure

The workshop is highly hands-on and focuses on practical aspects of SEO & Online Marketing (vs. geeky, technical insights to algorithms, for example). The course thereby also helps your team better understand what they need to look out for when inviting sub-contractors and how to better manage your SEO expenditure all together.

Which staff is best suited for the SEO ROOKIE WORKSHOP?

Participants who are best suited to make the most out of our training

  • understand your company’s products and services and know your target markets well,
  • bring a basic understanding of the internet – are able to logon to the internet and efficiently undertake Google search,
  • have a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel and Word and
  • have basic photo editing capabilities (if you intend to manage all online marketing tasks in-house)

Training overview

Business & Brand Audit
Ahead of your training sessions we analyze your marketing goals and workflow to identify efficient anchor points for SEO & Online marketing tasks.
SEO & Digital Marketing Basics
How search engines work and how to achieve an improved visibility of your online assets.
Web editing - writing for a short attention span
The amount of competing information on the web is beyond comparison. Online readers therefore first scan content before settling down for a text they will actually read. This typical online reading behavior has many impacts on the way we need to edit and write to get a message across.
Web editing - keywords
Using the right keywords in all online elements you publish is key for search engines to correctly index your web site and other online assets. Finding the right keywords and integrating them to your copy with right density is critical for your ranking performance.
The visuals - pictures say more than 1000 words
The importance of good design & images to illustrate your content and get your message across can not be over-iterated. We will introduce you to the secrets of optimizing your visuals to keep your visitors awed and interacting with you.
Understanding and building a valuable backlink network
Backlinks are key for your SE ranking: show me who you walk with and I’ll tell you who you are.
We will help you watch out for and capitalize on great backlink opportunities and introduce you to good practice and  etiquette that will help you grow and maintain valuable networking assets.
Email marketing - etiquette & contact management
Best practices for your campaigns – including contact management, intervals, subject lines, content and calls to action.
Optimizing your social media
Synchronizing and optimizing your social media for improved engagement. We will also introduce you to campaign ideas relevant for your business and market segments.
Measuring SEO effectiveness
The number of leads you generated online is a good indicator of your online marketing efforts – however, if you want to improve you will need to be able to identify your weaknesses and opportunities. We will introduce to the metrics that will you allow to do just that.
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